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Electrostatic Disinfecting Services

Electrostatic Disinfecting Services in San Antonio

Master Clean Services offers Electrostatic  Disinfecting for all commercial, medical and government facilities.

This service is unique with providing a 360 Electrostatic wrap around  of all high level touch points. Electrostatic Disinfecting breaks the chain of contamination and goes beyond traditional disinfecting methods. This service is odor less, colorless and leaves little to no residue.

Unlike conventional spraying methods, electrostatic sprayers apply a positive charge to liquid disinfectants as they pass through the nozzle. The positively charged disinfectant is attracted to negatively charged surfaces, which allows for efficient coating of hard nonporous surfaces. This service allows us to perform disinfecting more efficiently while providing the most effective method to fight against viruses, bacteria and mold. Knowing the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting and misters and foggers is recommended and partner with a Cleaning professional who educated in these areas.  Misters and fogging systems deliver very small droplets that passively deposit on surfaces based on the direction of spray and the effect of gravity, which may result in uneven coverage. Sanitizing is the removal of dirt and dust while disinfecting is the removal of bacteria and viruses.

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