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Building Maintenance Services

Building Maintenance Services in San Antonio, TX

A great way to keep your building or office clean and running smoothly is to take advantage of our commercial building maintenance plans. We understand that every building or office space in San Antonio, TX, has different needs so we can discuss a combination of services that will best suit your space!

Less Frequent Exterior Cleaning

Our building maintenance services in San Antonio are not limited to the interior of your building. We can also provide exterior cleaning services like pressure washing, window cleaning, and signage or awning cleaning. This type of cleaning only needs to be completed 1-3 times a year depending on the amount of traffic your building or office receives. This can be included in your exterior building maintenance plan, so you don’t even have to worry about remembering to get it done.

Make a great first impression and give your commercial building exterior a facelift with our San Antonio commercial pressure washing service. Over time, weather elements like rain, wind, and extreme temperatures can create a buildup of residue on driveways, siding, concrete, brick, wood, and metals. A regular exterior pressure washing will be able to remove any mildew, mold, minerals, dirt, grease, or other undesirables before they get too settled. We know the best techniques for a variety of exteriors to make it shine like new again. Whether it’s a roof, a deck, a fence, a sign, driveway, or even industrial equipment, Master Clean can clean it. Be proud that you are extending the life and look of your exterior by utilizing our pressure washing service.

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More Frequent Interior Cleaning

Some less frequent but necessary interior building maintenance services we offer in San Antonio include interior carpet cleaning, waxing and buffing for all types of floors, and/or deep tile and grout cleaning.

There are also a combination of services that will be needed on a more frequent, regular basis which includes janitorial services like trash removal, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, window cleaning, mopping, dusting, etc. All of our building maintenance services are green so you know your workers and environment is sparkling clean without the use of toxic chemicals.

Our workers are also trained to clean an environment and keep themselves and you safe from potential hazards. When looking for a building maintenance company in San Antonio, TX, you can rest assured our workers are certified and reliable. So, whether it’s a hospital, government facility, or warehouse that needs a reliable contract cleaning company, we can help!

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