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How Often Should Commercial Floors Be Stripped and Waxed?

How Often Should Commercial Floors Be Stripped and Waxed?

How Often Should Commercial Floors Be Stripped and Waxed?

What maintenance do you perform on your business’s floors? While most business owners and managers know about the importance of regular maintenance throughout their space, they often forget about floor maintenance. Floors are cleaned regularly but rarely receive the detailed attention they need.

Stripping and waxing are important parts of commercial floor maintenance. If you’re wondering how often you should perform this maintenance, consider how much foot traffic your space receives. The amount of foot traffic will determine the frequency of your stripping and waxing needs.

Heavy Foot Traffic: Every Three Months

Businesses experience different amounts of foot traffic. For example, businesses within the hospitality industry, such as hotels, experience heavy foot traffic and endure rolling suitcases daily. If you own or manage one of these high-traffic businesses, then you will need to invest in a floor stripping and waxing service frequently. We suggest doing so every three months. This schedule will keep your floors in excellent shape, and your guests will have a great experience.

Average Foot Traffic: Every Six Months

Some industries experience average foot traffic, which is less than the heavy foot traffic we described. A part-time retail store is an example of a business that receives average foot traffic. Countless people walk around when the store is open, and the floor experiences wear. However, the foot traffic reduces significantly once the store closes. In this case, plan to strip and wax your floors every six months.

Light Foot Traffic: Every Year

Small office spaces and similar businesses experience even less foot traffic than the previous examples. You don’t need to strip and wax your floors as often. An annual strip and wax should cover your floor’s maintenance needs and keep everything in good shape until the next year. If your foot traffic volume changes or you experience an accident that damages the wax on your floor, you can schedule an additional service.

How often you should strip and wax commercial floors depends on the amount of foot traffic your business receives. No matter how much or little foot traffic your space experiences, Master Clean has commercial floor cleaning services for you. We will strip and wax your hard floors as needed and can clean other types of flooring, such as carpet and grout.