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Floor Technician – San Antonio

Floor Technician – San Antonio

Part Time Floor Technician – San Antonio

Floor Technicians are generally responsible for the overall floor maintenance of hard surface and carpet (stripping, waxing, buffing, shampooing, extraction and bonneting) of areas that include offices, patient rooms, classrooms, hotel, corridors, lobbies, entrances, stairwells and other public areas.

  1. Minimum of 1-2 years experience in floor care.
  2. Knowledge of how to strip, wax and burnish floors with minimal to no assistance
  3. Knowledge of operating various pieces of equipment necessary to effectively perform job functions, such as a high speed buffer, extractor, wet vac, pressure washer, auto scrubber.
  4. Ability to understand and follow directions from the Manager.


  1. To clean area(s) assigned by Master Clean Services Supervisory Team to the specifications of the Task Schedule.
  2. To perform work in the allotted amount of time.
  3. To inspect your work after you have finished.
  4. To maintain your supply closet in a neat and orderly condition.
  5. To perform project work as requested.
  6. To clean and properly store your equipment after each use.
  7. To look neat and presentable during each work period.
  8. To conduct yourself in a professional manner during each work period and when entering and leaving the facility.
  9. To use Master Clean Services  equipment and supplies properly.
  10. To perform emergency services when requested.
  11. To be security minded and report any breach of security, hazardous condition or any witnessed theft, illegal act or vandalism.
  12. Periodic cleaning of the above as assigned by supervisor.
  13. Obey all safety requirements and procedures at all times.
  14. Floor care, including routine mopping (dry and damp), buffing and burnishing on hard surface floors and stairwells.

NOTE: When applying, please describe experience, education and related course work typically required or expected to perform essential job functions.