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Fall Cleaning Checklist for Facility Managers

Fall Cleaning Checklist for Facility Managers

Fall Cleaning Checklist for Facility Managers

Everyone plays an important role in their company. One of the most important but often underappreciated roles is the facility manager. Companies entrust their facility managers with the cleaning and maintenance of the entire property. It takes a hard worker and someone with a keen eye to do this job right.

Part of doing this job right is changing cleaning habits according to the seasons. Each season can affect your facility differently. Look through our fall cleaning checklist for facility managers to ensure you’re ready for seasonal changes.

Beginning of Fall: Hire Someone To Inspect and Clean Your HVAC System

Sometimes the areas that need cleaning the most are hidden away, such as your building’s HVAC system. Your air ducts and the rest of your system are probably full of leftover summer allergens, which can make your staff sick. Dirt buildup in HVAC systems can also make it more difficult to heat your building during the colder fall months. An HVAC professional can inspect and clean the system so everyone can stay healthy and warm this fall.

Throughout the Fall: Disinfect High Touch Surfaces

Cold and flu season starts in the fall, so you must prioritize disinfecting measures during this time. While you or your hired janitorial staff should disinfect the entire facility, pay extra attention to high-touch surfaces. High-touch surfaces are full of germs that can make you, building staff, and patrons sick. Giving these areas extra care throughout the fall can help keep your facility healthy.

End of Fall: Clean the Building Exterior, Including Gutters

Falling leaves are a beautiful symbol of fall. Though, they’re not so beautiful when they stain sidewalks or clog gutters. At the end of the fall season when most of these leaves have done their damage, you should clean your building exterior or hire someone to do so. Pressure washing and gutter cleaning will restore your facility to its original beauty. A beautiful building will entice patrons during the winter holidays, which is good for your company.

Our fall cleaning checklist for facility managers takes you through important cleaning practices for the entire fall season. Master Clean can help if you need a partner for any of these practices, including exterior building maintenance. We provide a combination of maintenance services for whatever your space needs.