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A Quick Guide to Keeping High-Traffic Flooring in Top Shape

A Quick Guide to Keeping High-Traffic Flooring in Top Shape

A Quick Guide to Keeping High-Traffic Flooring in Top Shape

Businesses experience different levels of foot traffic. If you know your business experiences lots of foot traffic, then you need to care for your floors. Even the most durable flooring options need regular care and maintenance. Follow this quick guide to keeping high-traffic flooring in top shape so your business’s floors look and perform their best.

Protect Your Floors Before a Problem Occurs

Some people don’t think about floor maintenance until they notice a problem like scuffs or grime buildup. However, you need to protect your floors before these problems occur to keep them in good shape for a long time.

Place a rug at the entrance to your business so people can wipe their shoes. Add pads beneath furniture that may damage your floors when they shift. If you notice a specific area of your business receiving lots of traffic, add a rug for extra protection.

Perform Regular Cleanings

Even with rugs and protective pads, your floors will need regular cleaning to stay in top shape. Here are some cleaning methods for different flooring types:

  • Mop vinyl
  • Sweep and mop tile
  • Dry mop and sweep hardwood
  • Vacuum carpet

While you can vacuum these flooring types, vinyl and tile will look best after wet mopping, and hardwood will look best after dry mopping.

Perform this maintenance every day or every other day. If you don’t have the time for this cleaning, hire professionals who can do it. The extra money is worth it to keep your business looking great.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Regular cleaning will do a lot for your floors, but you’ll need professionals to perform maintenance. High-traffic areas will require professional maintenance every 6–12 months. Without their help, floors will become dull. You may also notice problems like thinning carpet patches and discolored grout.

A professional business maintenance company such as Master Clean can perform maintenance on all commercial flooring types. We can clean carpets, wax and buff hardwood, deep clean tile grout, and more. Helping your business look its best is what our business does best. Keeping high-traffic flooring in top shape is hard work, but this quick guide takes you through the necessary steps. A high volume of traffic is a good sign for your business!