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4 Sanitation Tips for the Hospitality Industry

4 Sanitation Tips for the Hospitality Industry

4 Sanitation Tips for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is huge. It covers hotels and lodging, theme parks, and restaurants and bars. It even overlaps with some areas of the tourism industry! No matter what type of business you own or manage within the hospitality industry, you understand the importance of sanitation. The following four sanitation tips can help you improve your cleanliness habits.

Air Out the Rooms or Turn On a Fan

Many hospitality facilities, such as restaurants and hotels, feature rooms where patrons can close the doors and windows. After the patrons leave, you should air out these rooms. Open windows and doors if possible, especially if the doors lead onto a balcony. If you can’t open anything that leads outside, open the doors and place a fan on the opposite side of the room. This will blow stale air out of the room and prevent any lingering odors from cleaning supplies.

Remember To Clean Low-Touch Surfaces

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many people within and outside of the hospitality industry learned the importance of cleaning high-touch surfaces. While the pandemic is officially over, we all need to continue cleaning all surfaces. Regular cleaning should also include low-touch surfaces, such as the sides of arcade games or the backs of landline phones. Germs can dirty these surfaces just as much as high-touch ones, so they deserve the same attention.

Share How Often You Clean Public Spaces

Hospitality is full of public spaces, such as restrooms and tabletops. Patrons want to know you’re regularly cleaning these populated spaces. Post a calendar in or near these spaces with a cleaning schedule. Remind your staff to fill it out accurately whenever they clean so that fellow workers and members of the public know they’re using a clean space.

Hire Professionals for Regular Floor Cleaning

As hard as you work, you cannot keep everything clean all by yourself. Sometimes, you need professional assistance, especially for specific jobs like keeping high-traffic floors clean. Hire professionals for these roles so you can focus on other sanitation roles.

These four sanitation tips can help your facility thrive in the hospitality industry. If you need professional assistance with sanitation, floor cleaning, or additional roles, Master Clean offers commercial cleaning in San Antonio. We want to partner with you to help your facility shine!