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Helping Oklahoma Heal from Devastation

Giving Back:

Goodness is helping others… In our eyes, spreading goodness is always worthwhile, big or small. We’re proud to help organizations and individuals create positive change every day. Master Clean is dedicated to serving our local community here in San Antonio, Texas by giving to local charities, funding school sports leagues and sponsoring local boxing fighters. We enjoy giving back to our community because they have also helped to make Master Clean flourish throughout these many years. Our company’s heart is open to all opportunities of philanthropy.

Our Goal:

Due to the horrendous tornadoes that struck down in Oklahoma many homes and lives were left in ruin. Master Clean has set a goal to donate 5% of our revenue from new clients to a funding program created by the Red Cross designed to aid the families in Oklahoma affected by the storms of devastation. The gift of caring and generosity is a powerful gift to share with the world.  Our company has had great success and blessings, and now, especially in these unfortunate circumstances it is time to bless others in need.


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