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San Antonio Commercial Cleaners

For many business owners, the new year means it’s a time to create new resolutions and start fresh. These resolutions can include new ways to save money while maintaining a high standard. For us at Master Clean Services, our San Antonio commercial cleaners always work to provide the highest quality services to any commercial building and facility.

Our San Antonio commercial cleaners can work at any time of day, whether it’s early in the morning, in the afternoon, or late at night once all your employees have left for the day. All you need to do is schedule a day and time that works best for you and your business and we will work around your needs. Master Clean Services in San Antonio, Texas will also work within your given budget. Because we want to ensure you are satisfied with our San Antonio commercial cleaners, we train each of our employees with the highest standards, including OSHA standards and green cleaning standards.

We also specialize in medical facility cleaning. The San Antonio commercial cleaners of Master Clean Services undergo rigorous training and we are always strict about maintaining sanitation standards. Our employees will always wear the proper attire, such as face masks and gloves, to clean medical facilities. We are experienced in cleaning laboratories and government facilities as well.

Master Clean Services is a local company, and we are not a large franchise. To us, you are not just a number, but a client that we will always consult and work with every step of the way. To learn more about San Antonio commercial cleaners, call us today at 210-433-8201 or email us at Our company relies on your complete satisfaction, so you will always get the best cleaning job for your medical or commercial facility in the San Antonio area.

Medical Facility Cleaning San Antonio

Health regulations are particularly tricky to navigate, especially for medical facilities. Each type of medical facility requires a certain standard to meet peak cleanliness and healthiness for employees, lab workers and patients. We at Master Clean Services are skilled in medical facility cleaning, namely labs located in the San Antonio area.

Before we begin with any medical facility cleaning, we always do thorough research on our client. We inspect the building and we learn about what our client does before making a contract so that we can provide the highest quality facility cleaning. Once we begin, we ensure that all of our employees set to clean are all OSHA trained and are taught the latest cleaning standards. Master Clean Services is not green certified, but we still employ green standards and usage in our medical facility cleaning. Our employees always wear the proper attire to clean each area of the medical office, including gloves, face masks, long-sleeved shirts and whatever else is necessary to fully clean and sterilize the building.

Our medical facility and medical office cleaning practices are thorough and methodical. We don’t skimp on any aspect of cleaning at Master Clean Services in San Antonio, Texas. We use damp mops to clean floors and we always replace wet cleaning cloths for each area that we clean for sterilization purposes. We also have strict air quality control standards for medical facilities so germs, bacteria, viruses and so on don’t spread throughout the area.

You can trust Master Clean Services for your medical facility cleaning anywhere in the San Antonio area. One of our clients is the Center for Disease Detection, and we are proud to include them as part of our business. Are you interested in hiring our medical facility cleaning services? Call us today at 210.433.8201 for more information and to discuss a budget-friendly, affordable quote today.

Commercial Cleaning Services San Antonio

The look of a work space can define how your company is seen by both employees and clients. Here at Master Clean Services, we believe that a clean work space can leave a lasting impression and provide a positive ambiance to an office building. We take pride in our work, and our pride is reflected in our services. We go above and beyond what is expected of us with every job and every contract.

Our San Antonio commercial cleaning services are available at any time that is the best for you and your company. We provide 24/7 commercial cleaning services in San Antonio, along with weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning services for your work place. Our family owned company can adapt to any schedule, so you will always get the best commercial cleaning services no matter the time or day.

Master Clean Services offers a wide variety of commercial cleaning services to both small business and large commercial buildings in San Antonio, Texas. Master Clean Services can provide construction cleanup, contract cleaning, building maintenance services, office floor care stripping and waxing, pressure washing and contract porter and escort services. To learn more about our commercial cleaning services, visit Our Services page. Our professional, well-trained staff will always provide the utmost care and attention to detail so that you, the client, will receive only the best cleaning services. Our staff also provides green cleaning services and are all OSHA certified in OSHA standards and safety.

Our pricing is based on the amount of hours we work combined with the price for cleaning supplies instead of pricing per square foot.  We will work with you and your budget to provide affordable quotes for our commercial cleaning services. Call us today at 210.433.8201 to discuss your needs or e-mail us with any questions about our San Antonio commercial cleaning services to