Building Maintenance Services that are Green!

Master Clean is Green. No really, we are! Not in the way to define the color of grass, but in a way to define being able to reduce harmful impact on the health of people and the environment through building maintenance services. Yeah, that is a lot to digest for defining “being green.”

Master Clean is a Green Cleaning Company that offers building maintenance services, and with that claim we take on more responsibility than just patting ourselves on the back and stating how we are protecting the environment. We only implement green cleaning standards and OSHA trained employees for our building maintenance services. Further, if all our products were tools in a tool box, the hammer, needle nose pliers, and wrench cannot be the only tools that are green and the screw driver, saw, and hand drill not be. We do not only offer green cleaning services, but rather it’s the only way we operate! We believe that you do not have to sacrifice your health for a clean space.

What does Green Cleaning have to do with Building Maintenance Services?

Being a green cleaning company means that the products we use and our cleaning methods are designed to reduced its harmful impact on health and the environment. We look at our products, business practices, tasks, and work in their totality to further demonstrate to you how cleaning, paired with our building maintenance services can bring you a healthier way to define “being green.”

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